nelson is my new boyfriend

kia ora everyone! 

yes, you read that right. i have a boyfriend. though i enter into this new relationship trepidatiously, i'm absolutely smitten. thought about it and analyzed it to ad nauseum. came to the conclusion that there's no denying nelson provides all that i need: friendly inhabitants, an abundance of space, and a community to be a part of, albeit an odd one, whose members include five chickens, a duck, two cats, and a giant bunny rabbit. and the food, droolingly, toe-curlingly, coma-enducingly good! perfect, huh?

i know it sounds weird to think of nelson as my boyfriend, but hear me out for a moment…

nelson indulges my every whim. when i asked for a wetsuit, it gave me one that's just my size. when i felt scared to go to pom pom, it encouraged me by saying, "shoot for the moon. even if you miss it, you will land among the stars." ok, les brown said that, but i came across the quote here during moments of doubt. when melancholia set in, it sent me to the cinema for a laugh while watching lego batman, and then to the boatshed cafe for a rhubarb cheesecake.

nelson has all the things i love… sunshine, art, markets, bridges, beaches, views, smiles, plenty of smiles, cuddly dogs, good conversations with random strangers, lavender bushes, double rainbows, autumn colors, friends, river walks, islands, sunrises and sunsets that make me sigh, parks, trees, birds, flowers, amazing coffee, and a divine goat cheese souffle. it tells me my happiness is important, and whatever i'm looking for, i'll find it.

nelson doesn't judge me or put conditions on me. it doesn't try to change anything about me, except my dirty underwear (actually, that's me requiring that). it doesn't ask me what my religious beliefs are, about my political views, or how much money i have. it doesn't seem to mind that i still can't pronounce antipodean, walk around in tatty clothes, and speak american english with a new york accent. it accepts me as i am.

so there you go. but that's not all…

nelson is also my home. do i get to call it that after just three weeks? well, why not? it's comfortable, and i feel at ease here. besides, i've had a visitor, my friend helen from auckland, who came to spend several days with me. doesn't that make it official? how about having a neighbor, sharon, who pops over for a cuppa and a chat, a friend next door to shoot the shit with? a visitor and a neighbor, proof positive that this is home, right? i rest my case. 

furthermore, nelson is safe as most of new zealand is. children play unsupervised, doors and windows are left unlocked, and i can leave my bags virtually anywhere to go wee without worry. it's one of the rare places in the world where it's ok to hitchhike if you need a ride and pick up hitchhikers if you're feeling kind.

and finally, nelson is not clingy, jealous or possessive. it says go, have an adventure, do whatever you need to to find peace in your heart, come back if and when you want to. i'll be right here. 

doesn't that sound like home? a good boyfriend? both? 

this makes it so much easier for me to head out tomorrow morning for the long journey to pom pom (3 planes, a bus, and a boat). i'll have my boyfriend with me and the memory of home through every leg. there's also an angel who has promised to meet me there. that alone is reason to go!

see you there…

xx t

* a few more photos of my home, boyfriend, both, on google.