love letter to erik #19

morning angel,

wow, what a difference a day makes! finally moved into 64 pleasant street (yes, pleasant street!), unpacked, and went out to see what's what. so far, i like it. very cute port town with colorful houses sitting on hills with friendly-ish locals and lots of tourists fresh off the cruise ship that just rolled in. picked up a few essentials, got my head buzzed then had a burger with a mountain of sweet potato fries at a popular pub. back here, took advantage of the fact that i've got a bathtub (at last!) and had a nice long soak before going to bed. slept like a baby through the night and woke up feeling like george bailey from it's a wonderful life yelling, "i wanna live again!"

in the peace and quiet of the morning, before the sun came up, took the time to meditate then opened the curtains to see birds singing outside. slowly stretched the knots and kinks out of my body, and took a walk. up and up and up, huffing and puffing, using muscles i hadn't engaged in awhile, and felt good when i made it to a local supermarket. disappointed to find it closed until 10:00, moved onto plan b and polished off a big breakfast of cheddar quiche with a broccoli & grape salad.

the rest of the day will be spent walking, looking at longer-term apt rentals and just contemplating life, which is what i came here to do. it's all working as i had hoped, but will keep an open mind, an open heart for whatever the day brings and no matter what happens, i will allow my highest self to shine through, the one i had lost touch with, the one who will guide me with patience and grace.

i miss my family, my friends, and most of all, you… A LOT. and although i've chosen this path to be by myself, i'm not in the least bit worried because i've got gratitude in my heart knowing i am never truly alone for i am surrounded by the love of everyone. oh and of course, there's also you…

xoxo talor

p.s., think i'll go offline for a few days while i settle in, but will write you again soon, i promise!