Chapter 1: About

What the hell is this blog about? I wish I could properly answer that. I travel a lot, and plan to much more in the coming years, so it will be a bit of a travelogue. But much of what I’ll be writing will not be about where I’ve visited, but about the mindset of the traveler, his/her rationale and what it really means to travel. I’ll be writing about alternative ways of traveling, such as positive-impact tourism and slow travel, and creative ways to find the freedom to travel – living “small” and adopting a healthy for of intolerance, etc. So it’s also about travel itself, not just my travels.

A large part of travel is psychological, and there are many other types of travel beyond the mere change of you GPS numbers. Travel opens one’s mind and forces one to adapt – it’s virtually impossible to travel for any length of time and not change. And so I guess this blog is as much about change as it is about travel; change of locale, change of mindset, change of attitude, and change of relationship to the world.

I’ve recently made some huge changes in my life; pretirement, homelessness, “raison d’être,” the adoption of open-minded intolerance, etc. I’ll be discussing all of this. And hopefully not in some horridly egotistical and boring “here’s what’s great about me and my life” blather, but more in the manner of someone searching for something, looking for the right path. And hopefully the errors I make and the epiphanies I stumble upon along the way will be interesting and perhaps even educational to you as well. 

So welcome, and I hope you’ll stick around long enough to find out.