auckland is au-some! (views from birkenhead)

happy friday the 13th everybody!

did you catch the full moon last night? went in search of a promising sunset, walked along the water, but by the time i got to where i thought was "the spot," there was just a glow. oh well, no matter, made my way back up the hill huffing and puffing. caught my breath long enough to look up, stopped dead in my tracks, and went breathless again when i saw the most perfect moon!

twelve days in auckland, and enamored doesn't begin to describe what i am feeling for this place. although the ride here was rough, the landing was soft, gentle, more than i could have hoped for. i was greeted by my hosts, chrissy, mike, and pipi with the warmest, most genuine welcome. pretty certain they must've written the book on kiwi hospitality as they thought of anything and everything i could possibly want as a new arrival to this land, including friendship.

settled comfortably in birkenhead, a lovely sleepy suburb of the north shore. i'm surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty. there is a calmness, a gorgeous tranquility here, a take-your-time kinda feeling, which i've fully embraced. just a few paces outside my door, there are magnificent views of the ocean. there is also le roy's bush, a small patch of wild forest where i go walking everyday, where it becomes effortless to find inner peace, where it's easy to just be.

the village center has plenty of coffee shops, barber shops, indy shops and op shops, plus a variety of restaurants from asian to modern new zealand. it's well connected to other popular suburbs, such as takapuna and devonport, and it's only a 10-minute ferry ride to the city center.

here the air is fresh, the water deliciously clean, the food wholesome and nourishing. don't be surprised if you don't recognize me in the photos without the beat up red sweat shirt and beanie as i've added a new shirt and pair of shorts to my very limited wardrobe to celebrate being in the land of new zeal.

reluctantly, i move on tomorrow to a different part of the city, called westmere, near cox's bay, where i'm looking forward to a different vibe, new connections, and more paths to explore. it's close to ponsonby, a neighborhood known as a foodie destination. could be very dangerous…

xo talor 

p.s., more photos on google.