love letter to erik #6

dear erik,

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! that song keeps going round and round in my head, especially the part that goes, "… i wanna spend my life thanking you…thank you bay-beh, thank you bay-beh…”

i haven't always been good about thanking you. suppose i took you for granted and assumed you'd always be around to love me and do all the big and little things you did that made you so uniquely you. so now i'd like to take this opportunity to call out some of the things i am grateful for, in no particular order:

* thank you for those first heady days when we met and couldn't get enough of each other.

* thank you for sticking with me during the turbulent times when we broke up, got back together, broke up, got back together.

* thank you for being such a gentleman, rushing to open doors, carrying the heavy groceries, remembering to put the toilet seat down.

* thank you for letting me walk in front of you whenever we had to walk single file, so i could see what was coming in front of me.

* thank you for driving me 10 hours to raleigh when my dad had cancer, and stopping every 15 minutes so i could pee when i got a urinary tract infection.

* thank you for always telling me how beautiful i am even when i couldn't see it for myself.

* thank you for introducing me to your family and friends, who are now my family and friends.

* thank you for replacing my mother's mailbox and fixing her toilets each and every time you went to visit.

* thank you for walking clarkie, especially since you didn't particularly like tiny dogs, and thank you for continuing to walk him even after you got called a faggot.

* thank you for taking me to iceland for my 50th and pointing out the northern lights when i thought they were just moving clouds, which was a dream come true.

* in fact, thank you for humoring me when i insisted we celebrate my birthday for a whole month and sometimes the entire year.

* thank you for working so hard to support us financially even after you had burnt out.

* thank you for letting me talk you into anything, and never saying "i told you so" when things didn't go as planned.

* thank you for always eating anything i put in front of you, whether it tasted good or not, and thanking me afterwards.

* thank you for letting me stare into your beautiful blue eyes as long as i wanted even when it made you feel uncomfortable.

* thank you for being my compass and my atlas given that i'm so directionally and geographically challenged.

* thank you for all the wild and crazy adventures, the insanely good meals, and holding my hand through all of it.

* thank you for constantly trying to carry my backpack even when i screamed, "stop it, i can carry my own bag!”

* thank you for being there when my sister passed away, my father passed away, clarkie passed away.

* thank you for acquiring, setting up and maintaining all our electronic devices.

* thank you for your creativity and letting me be your sidekick on projects i know you could easily do on your own.

* thank you for giving me space when i needed it.

* thank you for never hesitating to spend money on me when you wouldn't ever do it for yourself.

* thank you for always cutting off the best part of the steak and putting it on my plate before you took a bite.

* thank you for holding me up when i went through a deep depression after my father died.

* thank you for being big enough to say sorry after each fight.

* thank you for every hike, every sunset, every walk on the beach.

* thank you for every kiss, every caress, every word of encouragement, every act of kindness, gentleness, compassion, patience, the tears and laughter.

* thank you for choosing me.

* thank you for loving me…

xo t