love letter to erik #3

my bfg (big friendly giant),

how's heaven treating you? or should i ask how are you treating heaven? you've always been the type to help everyone, fix things, figure out how you can be useful. well, you're in heaven now so i hope you realize you can kick back, relax, enjoy and truly revel in the fact that you left planet earth a better place.

i didn't get a chance to tell you about a movie i recently saw, spielberg's "bfg." it's a gorgeous, visually stunning story of a little girl who befriends a big friendly giant. bfg is a catcher of dreams, and he gives them to children while they are sleeping. that's what you did for me. by watching you realize your dreams, i know i can do the same. if i can see it, imagine it, dream it, i can do it. of course it would be better if you were by my side because everything was better when we did things together, but i know you are there whenever i think of you, which is all the time.

stefan & simone, the couple we met and traveled with during our tour of salar de uyuni recently got in touch. remember them? super sweet world travelers from switzerland we instantly liked because they were so easy to get along with. here's a link to our blog post to help jog your memory. they shared with me a tragedy of their own, equally heartbreaking… two months ago, simone gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, elia, who survived just two hours, long enough for them to say hello and good-bye. they are understandably still hurting, but we're seeing you two together beaming radiant smiles at us, and that makes us feel so much better!

please touch their hearts and ease their minds as you've done for me. in fact, i hope all our family and friends will send them love, as much as they've given to us, because it helped immensely and continues to.

love love LOVE YOU…

xo talor