love letter to erik #12

​this morning, we will set sail for the burial at sea. in approximately 6 hours,  we will return your body to the ocean you loved so much and feed the marine life that sustains us. although this is not something i'm looking forward to, i am reminding myself that this is what you wanted, and it's an opportunity for me to let go of the physical body my senses had become so dependent on. in so doing, i'll stop clinging and free up that space in my mind, my body, my soul to be at peace so i can truly be happy to see you dancing with the manta rays, swimming with the dolphins, and being greeted by the marine life that you worked so hard to save.

i remember the conversations we had when you wondered out loud whether you were making a difference because rebuilding coral was such a slow, painstaking, labor-intensive process, whereas destroying it happened in an instant by those without consideration of the consequences, by those who never stop to think that all life on this planet is connected, and they are rapidly damaging a vital resource that feeds us all.

well i am here to say, yes, a resounding YES!! you made a difference and continue to do so. you along with your family on pom pom and everyone else who stood up to be counted, had the courage to do something about an injustice, and continued the effort in spite of the risks. you put out a clear message to the world that this effort is worthwhile, that we matter, and you did it in your usual humble manner, not by getting on a soap box and yelling at the top of your lungs, but by your silent action that spoke so much louder than words.

it's been said that you only need to touch one life to have served your purpose on earth. you've gone way beyond that by touching so many lives, and your reach grows as those lives touch other lives. by giving your love unconditionally, you have become an inspiration for us all. it was you who inspired me to volunteer at the animal rehab center in bibra lake. it was you who inspired me to work on steffen's permaculture farm in bali. it is you who continue to inspire me to rise up in the morning and make each day count.

so i hope you're watching because today i encourage all our family and friends, wherever they are and whatever timezone they're in, to participate by raising a glass to you as you take a well deserved bow…

see you on the ocean my love,

xo talor