another dimension in nelson…

looking out onto the horizon, i see a perfect blending of ocean and sky, and find myself in another dimension, a place where heaven and earth meet. here, anything is possible because there is no fear, no pain, no sadness, no regret. only the present exists, and for as long as it lasts, i'm content to just be, without a past or a future.

i see the trees, the birds, an island, a boat, and of course, me. i hear nothing but the sound of the rain, and the fridge gently humming. soon that too will shut off but not before it shudders a sigh of relief for a brand new day.

day #3 of almost continuous rain, and i don't mind it as i've been treated to this new dimension, a different space, where nothing hurts, where it's possible to realize dreams and ideas that free flow continuously, endlessly.

i let the birds show me how it's done, to soar above my condition, my complaints. then the trees tell me resistance is futile. it is what it is, so just go with it because this too shall pass. 

but wait, what if i don't want it to end? this rain, this dimension?

the small patch of blue coming up in the distance brings a message…

let it go! it's a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to open your eyes and see, open your ears and listen, open your nose and smell, open your mouth and taste. open all your senses to touch and be touched, feel and be felt. get out of your numbness, your dumbness, and breathe. experience your existence, your purpose!

wake up and smell the coffee, go take a walk on the beach, and i'll show you there's more, there's always more. the wonders never run out as long as you are ready, willing, and open to receiving them.

heaven and hell are the same place. you choose. that's right, you get to choose, and it's always right where you are. so what's it gonna be? whatever you're thinking, whatever you're imagining, whatever you're dreaming, you're already there. you're right where you are meant to be so go out and make it happen!

CARPE DIEM everyone!!

xx t